afterTHOT: The Ex’s New Boo

I had to go over to The Ex’s to tie up some loose ends the other day.  While there, I had a cocktail and caught up with him and his friend.  Then he walked me to the bus stop so that he could vent a little about this friend.  Apparently this friend was betraying his trust and sneaking to read his text messages.  I was totally confused as to why this friend would be all up in his bitnass like that.

Me: There’s no reason for him to be in your personal stuff like that.  (as we continued down the block, I stopped, stepped back, and threw my hands up).  Unless he’s your new boyfriend.

The Ex:  Well he’s not over at my place helping me clean for no reason.  But we’re not there yet.

Okay, now he’s being honest and open.  Okay, this is a good thing, as I don’t want to lose him entirely.  We spent our entire adult lives together thus far.  

Me:  Oh ok.  Well, he still don’t needa be prying like that.  We were together almost 12yrs and I still never invaded your privacy.  Well, not until the very end because you was lyin’.  We not gonna get into that right now, but you know you was lyin’.

Then we both laughed.  He didn’t deny that he was runnin’ around behind my back actin’ brand new.  He opened up to me.  He admitted his betrayal.  

So then on Monday I performed one of my stories from my personal repertoire at a weekly event.  I was booked last minute so I didn’t really invite anyone to come.  Then The Ex called me on the day of the show.  When he found out I was performing, he promised to come.  Well, I gave up on his promises long ago, yet he actually did show up. I was the first to go on, and he literally left right after my performance.  So he was there just to support me.  That’s sweet.  He also convinced TENB (The Ex’s New Boo) to come watch as well, but he was late arriving so he missed my performance and missed The Ex.  So The Ex text me after he’d left to ask me to keep an eye out for him since his phone died and he wasn’t able to let him know that he’d left.  What the fuck!  How did I end up chatting over a drink at the bar with TENB?!  ONLY IN MY LIFE!  But I’m glad The Ex and I can move forward peacefully and with love.


Break a Leg to Me!

Today is a very big day for me professionally.  Okay, so I’m not getting paid some major sum for a new project or anything.  But I am performing on the stage for the first time in YEARS.  Granted, I did read in my Cleaning Closets staged reading, but I had worked on gathering those interviews for months.  Besides, those were other people’s stories.  Tonight I perform my own personal narrative about my dad’s wedding!  Before that, though, I’ll be taking my FIRST Improv for Actors 1 class at Second City!  Even though I won’t be doing improvisation for an audience, it’ll be the first time I do any acting training in years as well!  I hope I break a leg!

A Night of Talking

Last night I went to MEGATALK:  Democracy:  State of the Union which is a Chicago Ideas Week event.  I got to listen to Mayor Emanuel discuss local politics with other mayors from around the country while David Gregory from Meet the Press moderated.  Then my play date and I went to a recording of the Moth Podcast.  We had an exciting night.  

Sharing a Story

So my personal narrative about Daddy’s wedding was selected to be a part of a storytelling festival in Rogers Park.  I just finished my last curation meeting where we peer edited our stories in small groups.  I’m going to miss working on my piece with Team Awesome!  But now I start the rehearsal period with my director.  And we’ll start adding characterization and blocking and music to my performance!  I perform on October 24 in case you’re interested!

Editing Phase

Last night I had my first curation meeting for the Storytelling Fest for which my personal narrative was chosen.  In my peer revision group of novice storytellers we each read our story aloud and gave each other feedback. I received a lot of critique, but I’m not upset. It’s only gonna make my piece more incredible.
I’m actually at the same stage in my oral history project. We had our first read-thru of the script and got some great feedback there too. It’s a little overwhelming because you feel like you have so much to change sometimes. But I know it’ll be worth it.