Inspiring My Inspirations

I have been enjoying writing my letters to my inspirations this year. We are now about two months away from my next birthday, which means a new Birthday Resolution must be figured out. I believe it’s also going to involve writing, but I will make that decision closer to December. As for right now, I’m going to keep focusing on my letters. It’s so funny how so many of the people I write my letters to tell memy timing is perfect when I post them because they were feeling low and my words lifted them up! I’m so glad I can offer inspiration and love to so many of the folx that have done that for me over the years!

A Blog of Few Words

When writing my letters, I sometimes feel as if I have to write long epic pieces. But then I realized that each inspiration has a different level of impact to me. And a thousand words aren’t necessarily any more grateful than a few well-phrases sentences. 

Grateful Reflection

I have to admit that as the year goes by and more responsibilities and opportunities fall on my plate, it gets harder to keep up with my letters. However, I still love when I get the chance to sit down and focus on them because they remind me of where I come from and who/what has gotten me to this place in life and has dropped these opportunities in my lap. I still try to write the letters each morning on the train but some days I’m getting things together for my day or decompressing on my morning commute or writing about a lovah in my journal.

Reflective Star

Even when I get behind, though, I’m glad I challenged myself with this Birthday Resolution and grateful to for the reflection. 

They Come and Go

June 3, 2019

Sometimes I think the inspiration that I draw each day is not in fact random but chosen by the universe for particular reasons. On occasion I think it’s because specific people need to hear from me or hear about the good they do in this world. People deserve to know how they’ve impacted someone else in life. For example, I drew a friend who had recently had surgery and she needed some encouragement, but I obviously didn’t pick her on purpose. Ironically, though, I don’t think I’ve drawn anyone on their birthday yet. Sometimes, however, I believe the universe chooses certain inspirations because I need to express particular feelings on those particular days.

You know, it’s kind of sad after drawing some of my favorite inspirations because I know that I won’t pull them again. The magic of not knowing is gone. The excitement of writing to something so special to me is now over. But perhaps that just means I write something else because of that inspiration. Maybe that inspiration will inspire a new project or a stronger connection to that inspiration.


This is a pic of my fave tree in Chicago! I wrote a letter to it in this batch of inspirations!

Everlasting Love

So I took an extra day this week to write my letters. One in particular demanded more time and focus as it was dedicated to The Ex. I wanted to make sure his letter was full. But it’s difficult to put into words the emotions, feelings, and power that he bestowed upon me. There’s no one in this world that has had an impact on my life like he had. We may no longer be boyfriends, but his influence on my life is so grand and everlasting. And that can never be taken away.

December Date

Well…I wasn’t quite so successful at planning out dates for myself on a monthly basis this year. I did, however, take myself out by myself on occasion, but usually impromptu and for only a nightcap. Which is one of my fave things to do at this cute local cocktail bar.

I also went out quite often with friends, both on planned and impromptu outings. I realize that’s exactly what I needed. I wanted to celebrate life with loved ones. My chosen family. Last year was all about my path to independence and this year was all about spending time with the ones who helped me get where I am today. And my annual birthday shows reflected that the past two years respectively.

My favorite part of the night of my birthday show was making everyone feel like royalty, literally, and watching everyone find the perfect crown just for them!

As for my 35th Birthday Resolution, I’m going to write a letter each day to a different person, place or thing that has inspired me in some way throughout my lifetime.