Living My Fab Life

Well I’m late on this post (as per usual) bc my weekend was jam packed full of fabulosity. My weekends have always been busy, but now that I’m single, I am filling every moment with life‼️ It started with seeing a new musical with old friends out in the burbs. Before the show, we had dinner on a fancy rooftop terrace where we mingled with the Artistic Director and the Director and some cast members.

Then on Saturday I saw The Ex to take care of some bitnass.  Then I went and hung out wit my girl Scary and her baby and best friend from way back when. Then Red Flamingo and I met another friend in Boystown to celebrate his bday in the aftermath of Market Days. We had a ton of impromptu adventures. We found a random photo booth in the middle of the street and took pics. Then we found a random free late nite magic show in an empty storefront. We watched the magician do some cute parlor tricks and some devil shit and left with cute souvenirs. Then we met up with my Sister In Divorce (SID) and his new boyfriend and we drank a bottle in the middle of the shut down street so we could people-watch before going into a club on the north side of the strip to dance. Every club in the heart of Btown was too expensive and I’ve never, in all my years here, seen the lines so long. There were literally three lines wrapped around the block just to get into Progress. Those fools. The club ain’t even that big so you ain’t gettin in tonite, boos‼️ Then a bar fight broke out right next to me on the dance floor. I had to literally push them off of me but couldn’t step back because of the wall of people behind me. SID pulled Red Flamingo back into his arms and pushed his bf behind him to protect them as we heard the thump of a fist in a chest. I was left to defend myself. Hahaha. The one guy flew to the floor. They was both sexy. And then he jumped to his knees like some Arya Stark shit. And then he just got up and walked away.  The battle was over. The next day we continued to celebrate our friend’s bday and did $10 bottomless mimosas/bloodys in our hood. The server was sexy AF but not very attentive. And then we went to Market Days and enjoyed live music and dancing in the street. I missed Ce Ce Peniston perform though. I always miss the concerts I wanna see on the south stage. I missed La Bouche last year. 😒😒 But I had a blast. Then I ran into tons of friends. Then me and Red Flamingo and the bday boy went to my place to watch GoT and Issa…

And then I was alone again.


Hubbard Street Evolves

Last week I had the pleasure of ushering at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.  Volunteering as an usher is a great way to see shows around the city for free (my little secret to you).  And the MCA is a great place to see performances because they have a wide variety of productions from theatre to dance. 

I was lucky enough to see danc(e)volve:  New Works Festival by Hubbard Street Dance.  Although there were a few times that the ensemble pieces lacked synchronicity, the great thing about contemporary dance is quite often there are many things happening on the stage at once.  This helped to mask the moments that needed the dancers to be in sync.  I also witnessed a dancer lose her footing in one piece, but I don’t think anyone else noticed.  Despite having said all of this, I still enjoyed the show.  However I must admit that the choreography was not that innovative.  Especially after recently having seen a private rehearsal by Hubbard Street Dance where the choreography was inventive and intriguing.  The story that was told in the rehearsal piece was much more clear to follow than any of the ones at danc(e)volve:  New Works Festival.  Yet, it was fascinating how the choreography was able to convey humor at times without the use of dialogue.  One audience member I spoke to who has been following Hubbard Street Dance for decades told me that she’s noticed the choreography become more emotive over the years.  I would also have to say that I did not like the video plopped in at the end of the first act.  It was endearing to see the teachings and relationships the company made while travelling the world, however I think only a short clip of the film would have sufficed.  I would have preferred to see more dancing instead.  

In both the rehearsal and the performance, there were male duets that were not only athletic but also sensitive and creative.  But kudos must go out to all the dancers for their abilities and stamina.