Independence Days

This year, I thought I was having troubles deciding what my Birthday Resolution should be, and then I realized I had already decided without realizing. My Birthday Resolution is to be Independent! Single & Free! This is my first official announcement stating that I am now single after almost 12 years.

As I navigate this world on my own for essentially the first time in my life, I invite you to take this journey of self-discovery with me. Though I’m the protagonist of this blog, I will not always be the hero. Sometimes I will make mistakes. I will defend myself, but I will also try to admit fault when applicable. I will strive to be honest and objective about my experiences and all the fuckery I get myself into so that you can make your own decisions about my character. I’m learning–and sometimes re-learning–lessons that perhaps you have or have not learned yourself. Sometimes I might be a little vulgar. Sometimes different alter egos may take over. I’m not sure. I will strive to be truthful (yet mindful that I’m a professional)! I hope that you enjoy my tales and take the opportunity to grow with me…



Cast of Characters

The Ex….my ex-boyfriend whom I dated for almost 12 years!
Mr. T….one of The Ex’s horrible long-term friends
Family Member….a very close family member that’s suffering from alcoholism
The Scientist…a classy, stylish man–essentially the rebound
Boi From The Loop…a sexy, young black man with whom I exchanged numbers
Work Wifey
…an older black woman from work with whom I go on happy-hour-dates
Red Flamingo…one of my skinny, black best friends
Tiny Dancer…sexy young black man I met while out dancing
ED…handsome Executive Director of a non-profit organization
TENB…The Ex’s New Boo
Scary…My best girlfriend in the city–there’s a long racist story for her name
Sister In Divorce (SID)…One of my best friends in the city going thru similar shit




Pigeon Hole…the roach-infested studio in Uptown, Chicago
Boystown…the gayborhood of Chicago
Market Days…an LGBTQ+ street fest in Boystown–practically Pride 2 w/o the parade
Progress…currently my fave bar in Boystown

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