Why is it that as adults it seems like the only forms of entertainment that we have involve drinking? We are  engrained with the thought that the only way to socialize is with a cocktail.  We tell ourselves we need to unwind at the end of the day with a beer.  We celebrate mundane achievements with the indulgence of a shot. We raise our wine glasses to toast anything. “I’ll drink to that,” as the saying goes.  We use any excuse to get drunk. We use drinking as any excuse to lose responsibility or forget the night. We think it only polite to offer an alcoholic beverage to our guests.

Though our everyday tasks don’t necessarily garner a celebratory drink, some major life events do. Like one of my best friend’s weddings! Knowing that I was going to be in New York City for five days while my friend got married, I allotted two of my remaining drinking days to that trip. One for the reception and one for the bachelor party. But instead I used up  all of them because, of course, every day I was there was an excuse to drink. I am disappointed in myself. My last day while I was in the airport by myself waiting for my plane to stop getting delayed, I had a drink. So technically I went over by one day. But it was one drink. But did I even really need it? I remember consciously telling myself not to order it.

I don’t think I’ll let anyone else down if I continue to go over my days the rest of the year. But I’ve let myself down. Isn’t that just as bad?  My whole life I’ve been in competition with myself. Because after all, I am the only one who’s with me the rest of my life and at every moment. Isn’t it important to be proud one’s myself?


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