Red, White, and Booze

I suppose I’ve procrastinated on writing about my last two drinking days because I don’t want them to be real. As summer approaches, it gets harder and harder to say no to a cool drink. There’s nothing like patio weather in Chicago to make one want to day-drink as a relaxation activity. Accidental binge drinking does occur for everyone in the city this time of year. Do my cravings make me normal or make me an alcoholic?!

Drinking Day #24 was Memorial Day — a beautiful day with friends and sangria at the Waterfront Cafe which overlooks Lake Michigan. It truly was a Red, White, and Blue day with red sangria, white clouds, and blue water!


About a week later I had drinks again when I went out with my girl to CeCe Peniston’s Sew Unique Swimwear fashion show on Friday. My girlfriend and I like to leave our men at home sometimes and have our own date nights. So it only seemed appropriate to have a drink while in the VIP section.

But now I have only 6 days left to last me until December 9th — technically the 8th since the 9th resets my year. Everyone has been asking me if I’ve had my days saved for specific dates, and up until now, I’ve just been going with the flow deciding as I go.  Of course I knew that some specific holidays would be Drinking Days, though. Now here is how I’m allocating the remainder of my Drinking Days:

  1. Chicago Pride Parade (June)
  2. Friend’s bachelor party (July)
  3. 4th of July (July)
  4. Sister’s birthday or Market Days Festival if I don’t see her for her birthday (August)
  5. Father’s birthday–if I see him during this occasion (September)
  6. Thanksgiving (November)

Wish me luck!


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