As the bottles overflowed with Effen vodka at the Chicago International Film Festival TV Awards, my allotted drinking days began to overflow as well.  I’m slightly over half of my dedicated drinking days, however I’m slightly under half way through the year. I couldn’t resist the top shelf open bar of, though. I’m not much of a vodka drinker because I’m a fan of bourbon, but now and then I enjoy a good vodka cocktail as long as it’s not cheap vodka. So many events offer Svedka when it’s free, but that particular brand especially gives me a headache every time. So I spoiled myself and I did not get sick or have acid this time. Vodka is definitely easier on the reflux. However I did notice that it was not as easy to pass bowel movements the next day. I know that may be a bit too much info, but this drinking challenge is an experiment for me to study my health in realation to my alcohol consumption. And I have noticed that my trips to the bathroom have been much easier since I started. 



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