Tomorrow is a Day

So I’ve found that while doing this challenge, many people want to peer pressure me into drinking, but I’ve been holding strong! Why do people want to bring me down?! It’s definitely a societal expectation to drink. No wonder it’s so hard for an alcoholic to quit! This challenge is definitely opening up my eyes!

I did have drinks on Friday for my friend’s Super 30th Birthday Party. It was superhero themed and we all dressed up! I have loved costume parties since college, but no one does them outside of Halloween except for theatre geeks. I was Clark Kent because that was the most cost effective way to go all out with my costume during this holiday/birthday season.
Of course I’m going to have some drinks when we have guests over for Christmas dinner tomorrow. I hope I don’t overdo it since we’ll be day-drinking. But in all actuality, I’ll most likely start drinking at midnight! I have kind of been craving my favorite drink this week–The Shady Tea (bourbon and Sprite). No tea, no shade!

I’ll keep you posted on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) about how I feel post-holiday-celebration. Until then, have a happy and safe holiday!


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