Day #2

So I’ve been tempted everyday this first week of my Birthday Resolution! The holidays are extra hard because of all of the office parties and such. Today we had our holiday lunch at work and how could I deny a better selection of wine than I would pay for myself?! But the one glass of wine that I had has already put me to sleep. I feel like I need to brush my teeth. I love a decent wine, but this challenge has also already helped me really pay attention to my alchohol intake and how it effects me.
But I did resist temptation this past weekend when my boyfriend and I went to the bar. I had him order me a bottled water. I felt so proud. But then the temptation hit again once we got home because he bought a bottle of bourbon (my drink of choice). I still said no. But this weekend I have a birthday party to go to and then next week is Christmas dinner and the week after is New Year’s Eve! What shall I do? Thirty-one days breaks down to 2.5 days a month. So I only get a few months with three days and the rest I get only two! And my friend Morgan has already had four days!
I’ll keep you up on my progress as the holidays come to a close.



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