Farewell 2012!!

It’s the last day of 2012.  I remember moving to Chicago the last day of 2004.  There’s something about NYE that just brings everyone alive.  This year was FULL of Professional Development for me.  My resolution lasted the whole year and kept me super focused!  I have set similar goals for 2013.  I started this blog and other forms of social media to learn more about them.  Although, I should’ve used more images in my blog posts.  That’s something I learned, but never practiced.  At least I learned it.  I produced a few shows and events.  I taught and volunteered.  I saw shows and went to galas, and one-on-one meetings, and interviews, and an audition, and workshops, and so much more.   I was supposed to read a play a week.  And I ALMOST reached that goal.  I made it to about 40 plays, instead of 52, but my friends all told me since I was writing a few shows this year, it’s okay.  I also took classes with a grant.  I did so much.  I couldn’t be more proud of myself.  Now let’s turn all this professional development into a job in 2013.  Thanks for following me through my journey this year.  


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