Stale Model

Why is it that in corporate theatre we are expected to wear one hat? Small theatre on the storefront level demands that we wear many hats. We have several roles to play in order to carry out all of the responsibilities of producing a show.  It’s a very collaborative process full of artists.  But on a grander scale, the large regional theatres give you one title and you fulfill the duties lined out in your job description.  No more.  No less.  It takes away from the creativity.  From the artistic collaboration.  Quite frankly, it takes out all of the fun.  These concerns stem from my new Producing 101 class and a conversation I had with a friend this weekend regarding the stale model set up by corporate theatres.  How do we revive the culture of theatre in an exciting way?  Does it mean giving people multiple hats to wear, or does it mean reaching new audiences or incorporating social media? 

What are your thoughts on how we can update the business model of large theatres?


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