Life of an Artist

As you all know, my goal this year is Professional Development. I have done an outstanding job of honing my skills through classes such as the new class I started this weekend at The Second City, Intro to Music. I even wrote a song in the first class. So exciting. This weekend I also edited one of my scenes for the children’s script I’m writing in my playwriting class. It actually went really well, and next week we have actors coming in for the last class to read our scenes!
But my problem is that none of these skill-building experiences are paying me money. I’m stuck in a hard place because my temp agency has me assigned to a part time position. They won’t let me go to another company until my project end date because that would be a conflict of interest. However, my current assignment is open-ended so I will never be able to be reassigned. I feel quite cheated. It’s very frustrating because the company I’m assigned to doesn’t want to hire me or give me full time despite the fact that I’ve been here for over 3 years. I knew that the life of an artist was going to be hard, but I also have my partner to think about. So I can’t just be jumping from little project to little project. And how much longer can I continue to blame it all on the economy?


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