Packed Weekend

It’s been a busy weekend. Something urgent came up in Friday so I had to call in to my volunteer shift at the shelter which broke my heart to do. Saturday was my tech rehearsal for my storytelling in Wednesday! (FYI: a tech is a rehearsal where you practice any technical elements o a show. For me that was simply adding the music)
I’m super excited. Other than my stages reading that I recently did, I haven’t been onstage in so long. But nerves can be helpful when performing. Use them to my advantage! We went to Fright Fest at Six Flags last night and saw a spooky spoof at their theatre. Hopefully I’ll get to see the pre-Broadway tour of Kinky Boots hi afternoon. If not, my man and I are definitely going next week! And this morning I had my New Student Orientation at Second City! I recommend to everyone to make Professional Development your new Year’s Resolution at least one year.


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