Signs from the Universe

I had an epiphany last night while I was lying in bed.  That’s when my mind really gets churning.  I kept thinking that I was doing everything wrong in these interviews that I constantly go on.  I have been turned down from so many jobs, I can’t even count anymore.  Instead of thinking, though, that I’m not right for these jobs, maybe the universe is telling me that these jobs aren’t right for me.  I suppose the interviewers can tell when my heart isn’t in it.  And the universe doesn’t want me stuck in one of these boring office jobs.  It’s telling me that I’m meant for more.

Do you have as many rejections as I do?  I’m sure there’s things I could do better in the interviews, but I can’t continue to think that I’m completely unworthy.  What do you tell yourself when you get turned down?


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