Honestly Learning

You subconsciously learn a lot about yourself when you consciously make the choice to better yourself.  Of course there are certain things that you expect to learn and perhaps change, but when you realize those other discoveries that happen naturally, it’s quite enlightening.

One big lesson is that I can still stick with a goal if I keep my mind to it.  You grow up and graduate and move out and get a job and forget who you really are sometimes.  So to know that I still have the ability to work hard at my own goal is amazing:  I’m still reading One Play a Week!  Granted, I’ve had a lot of family things I’ve been dealing with recently, and it distracted me quite a bit last week.  I must regretfully say that I did NOT read a play last week.  Every time I tried to pick up a script, I just couldn’t concentrate—it’s no excuse, but I want to comprehend what I’m reading.  I must be honest as much as it sucks to admit failure, but that’s how we grow.  And that’s what this blog is about.  It’s about me finding my voice in this new world of Social Media and Internet.  It’s about me finding myself.  It’s about me continuing my Professional Development Resolution 2012. 

Thanks for the support from my friends and family in all that I do.  It makes my goal more easily achievable. 


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