From the bottom of my heART

It is my firm belief that the arts can teach as well as heal.  In the middle of a crisis, though, emotions are too high to think about anything but the problem at hand.  Last night my boyfriend flew home to Vegas for a family emergency and left me to dwell in the unknown all weekend.  To clear my mind, sometimes I simply sit at my kitchen table and doodle with markers.  It may not be high art, but it keeps me grounded when needed.  And last night was definitely one of those times I needed to zone out. 

I know what it feels like to rush home to a family member in the hospital, but now I’m the one on the other end waiting for information. A couple of years ago, my father had an impromptu open heart surgery.  Of course, I flew down and left my man at home. 

I joke that my father was considerate enough to have his operation over Derby weekend, so at least I got to partake in the festivities during non-visiting hours.  So to keep the mood light, I’m reminding my baby that he has Easter events to attend this weekend. 

I love you, and I’m thinking about you.  And I may even have a marker masterpiece for you when you get home. 


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