Art & Soul

My ten year reunion creeps closer and closer as the summer approaches.  By the time the summer is officially here, my father will have sold his house and moved to one of few “cities” in Kentucky, thus cutting off any connection I have to my hometown.  Does this mean I don’t have to go to my reunion and therefore not tell everyone I’m still a part-time temp?  These ironic milestones remind me of why I do my art.  It clears my mind.  It saves my soul.


2 thoughts on “Art & Soul

  1. Son you are not measured or judged by the money or the job that you do, but by the things that you do toward others.
    You volunteer the precious qualities that you have to help others in so many ways, be it with your time so freely given, your smiling face, the laughter that you bring, your friendship and so many more qualities to numerous to mention. These are what have made you successful in life and will continue to do so. I am very proud that you are my son.

  2. Your dad is right! Through the years I have met a lot of people in my line of work, I also come to realize there are two kinds of people in this world, open minded and closed minded people. I feel sorry for the closed minded people they seem to never go anywhere in life it’s only because they don’t seem to want to learn anything. On the other hand chitchatjonny I feel that you have an open mind and want to tell the world about your adventures that you’ve had already. Open minded people are teachers, don’t forget that! So go to your reunion because I think your hometown could learn alot from you! Keep up the good work

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