I Had a Dream

What are your plans for the future?  What are your career goals? What are you going to do with your life?

Do those questions sound familiar to you?  They certainly do to me.  Maybe it’s because I’m a theatre major that I’m so used to people inquiring about my future.  Please excuse me, though, for not having a direct answer.  Sure I have dreams, but I can’t exactly plan my life out step by step in this industry.  There is a lot of rejection in this business.

Ironically, those same people asking about my future, are now giving the same answers to their own questions.  Not even six months ago those were the people giving me a hard time about my lack of direction; now they’re the ones with no plans!  Obviously having been in the same situation, I will not judge them.

I’m not saying we all have to have our lives mapped out.  It’s a new world now.  We have to thank the generations before us for fighting for our right to choose our own paths. Maybe they opened too many doors for us, though? Maybe it’s the economy that’s still making jobs hard to find?  Perhaps I no longer have the same goals as I did before?  These are exactly the reasons why I chose this resolution of Professional Development for 2012!  It’s made me more motivated–brought me back to place in my life that I haven’t been in a long time.  I jus wanna heal the world with my art. If I make money at it, even better!

Through all of this I’ve learned that it’s okay to change your mind:  Dreams are allowed to evolve.


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