Cooking Up Drama

For Valentine’s Day, my man and I decided to make a pizza TOGETHER!  Now, I’m sure most of you are wondering why cooking sounds so amazing on a lovers holiday, but trust when I say that this was something special.  I NEVER cook.  I don’t like it.  I have no desire to want to do it.  None whatsoever.  NONE.  So of course this means that you could never trust me alone in a kitchen–not if you wanted to eat something.  It was kind of a trial cooking session because we decided to make two types of pizzas we had he has never made before.  There were a few things that could’ve been executed a little better, but we live and we learn.

So last night we decided to make one of the pizzas again.  Wait.  Let me rephrase that.  He made the pizza.  I went to a networking event for teaching artists.  When I came home, the pizza had just been put into the oven and our friends were sitting round the table with drinks.  Lawrence and I prefaced the meal with a disclaimer of how we are still experimenting with the pizza.  Of course, it still came out amazing because that’s how good my baby is.  But there were a few things we knew we had to tweak for next time.

Then I realized something.  Our trial pizzas were just like the staged reading I saw on Monday night.  A group of people met to to give feedback and critique a script in order for the playwright to make revisions so that the play makes more sense for when it’s actually produced.  Many of them were naturally probably friends of the playwright, and the rest of them were theatre professionals with the knowledge and passion to give good constructive criticism.  That’s what our trial pizza night was like.  We made a product to be critiqued by our friends and selves.  Then we revised the recipe.  Then we ate again!

Although our life is not a rehearsal, sometimes certain events can be.


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