Theatre Is My Valentine!

For a theatre artist, professional development can include simply watching plays.  I had the chance to watch a staged reading last night.  In case you don’t know, a staged reading is a preliminary viewing of a script being read by actors with little to no blocking.  Readings are great for the writer to get feedback so that she can create a beautiful finished product.  It’s so fascinating how many steps a script can go through before it turns into a full play.

I have yet another meeting tonight concerning Chiditarod.  We are meeting with the staff at our checkpoint, so this will be a very informative meeting.  This whole week is full of meetings and events.  I’m registered to go to the Columbia TAD Colloquium tomorrow night.  That sounds really interesting to me.  And later this weekend, we’re going shopping for hair and make-up products for my Brillianteen show.

At least I’m staying busy with the things that I love.  Too bad I’m not getting paid for it all!  I do it all for the love of art!  Theatre is my Valentine!


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