Theatre for a Cause

Last night I volunteered for SpeakOUT:  Brothers OUTlive–a variety show consisting mostly spoken word and music.  Part of what I love about theatrical performances is the people you meet.  The other volunteer was so interesting to talk to.  I found a potential performer for one of my boyfriend’s events.  And I ran into a lot of the youth that I volunteer with elsewhere in the community! This show focused on HIV awareness and taught the audience more about the activist Bayard Rustin.  That’s the other part of theatre that I love–it educates!

My resolution of being more involved with theatre and the arts is really keeping me busy this year, and it’s only February.  I’m totally booked all weekend.  I’m seeing another show tonight with my girl Morgan.  She’s usually my show date.  We’re gonna see Enron at Timeline Theatre.  This will be my first time seeing a show there, and I’m really excited.  Once again, this show has the potential to teach me a lot about a piece of history.

Aside from preparing for the Apocalypse birthday party that I’m throwing for my boyfriend and hosting in our apartment, I’ve several theatre meetings this weekend.  I have to meet with Grassroots Theatre Project to discuss our involvement with Chiditarod which is an AWESOME shopping cart race for charity!!  We are also finalizing some details for our next production.  It’s going to be a pretty epic meeting.  So after a big meeting and a huge birthday, I then have to wake up bright and early and most likely hungover to go to a Brillianteen meeting for our production of Grease.  Although I am of legal drinking age, I’m going to have to ensure that I don’t smell like a brewery.  That would not be a good signal to send to my high schoolers.  Brillianteen is a great program in its 61st season where a board of adults guides high school juniors/seniors through producing their own musical.  I learn a lot from working with the youth.

It’s  a good thing I finished my play of the week early this week.  Wish me luck on my busy weekend.


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