I passed a test yesterday.  You’re probably thinking that I’m a bit old to be passing tests.  Wait!  You don’t know my age.  Let’s just keep it that way for now.  It was my written exam for my Illinois driver’s license, and I only missed two because I second guessed myself.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve taken any kind of written test, and even longer since I’ve taken the driver’s test (don’t try to guess my age with that!).  So I’m a tad rusty on my test-taking skills.

Now you may be wondering how my driver’s test has anything to do with my professional development goals for this year.  Well, I’m applying for a grant that requires a city ID.  And for whatever reasons, I kept avoiding getting converted to an Illinois license until now.  Although, I’m pretty sure the guy at the counter was reluctant to accept anyone from Kentucky into the City of Big Shoulders.

Hopefully this grant will pay for those classes I mentioned that I wanted to take this summer.  I’ve already been approved for the Actors program at The Second City, so now all I need is the money.  The only thing is, this is a reimbursement grant, so I still need to front the money (and then pray that I get the grant).  This will be a challenge.  As I aforementioned, I am a part-time employee.  So pretty much all of my money goes to bills.  In fact, it all should really, but we all now how that goes–and don’t even get me started on my taxes.  If my broke-ass owes the government any money this year, I will….well…I’ll be upset.

I’ll figure out the money situation as I go.  But for now, I’m going to focus on the things I learned from this test-taking experience and apply them toward the GRE next.  I’m pretty sure going to grad school (regardless of how many years it’s been–don’t even try to guess my age) is a good professional development goal, don’t you?  But all this talk about school scares the shit outta me!

Wish me luck!



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