The Show Was–

All black people hate white people, but I didn’t have to learn that from the show last night.

I really enjoyed Race at the Goodman.  David Mamet is so hard to read but so interesting to watch (this seems to be a common theme with plays).  It’s funny how staccato language is so difficult to decipher on the page, and yet so natural to use in our everyday dialogue.  But I didn’t need the lawyers onstage to tell me what black people think.  I have a black man telling me what he thinks everyday in my own living room, and it’s hard to shut him up!  Like the lines in the show, some of boyfriend’s comments are quite humorous I admit, but most of the time I just tune him out like he does me! That happens after 7 years, though.  Hell, that happened after one year!

I must think my girlfriend for taking me to the opening last night.  I love going to shows with her because she brings her scary black opinions to everything, and I bring my loaded gay opinions to everything.  I’ll have to tell you our Scary & Loaded story some other time, though.  We also saw White Noise together last year, that show Whoopi produced, and it was similarly funny in the way they kept throwing around racial slurs.   It’s amazing how humor can get a message across.  Although I did hear a few audience members complain that Mamet was just talking out the side of his ass like he usually does.  But I can’t really blame them for stating the obvious:  this show was written by a white man.

Regardless of whether or not you liked the opinions on the stage, there were still 800 people who walked out of that theatre last night with a better awareness of how blind we can all be to our own prejudices.  Once again theatre has brought light to a social issue to help build a better community.


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