Reflection of Reflection

Ok so I didn’t get the chance to post any of the November letters due to the holiday and life. So I posted the remainder of my letters on my actual birthday! But what better day to inundate social media with my letters than on my actual 36th birthday.


Wow! It’s interesting to reflect upon a year where my Birthday Resolution was based on reflection. I wrote 367 letters to people, places of things that have inspired me throughout my life from December 9, 2018 to December 9, 2019. (There are reasons why I had more than 365 letters.) I tried to keep them all positive. I wrote letters to inspirations both big and small, and there were still so many inspirations I didn’t write about. I combined some just so I could appreciate as many inspirations as I could. I learned about myself and others. I laughed and cried.

I’m proud of myself. I encourage anyone to write a letter to even just one of their inspirations. Do it today. You can consider it my birthday gift. Leave it in the comments, whether it be 2 sentences, 20 words, or 4 pages. You’ll appreciate doing it. 

Next year, I am going to continue writing for my next Birthday Resolution. This time, I’m going to finish writing projects that I’ve started in the past. My goal is to finish one project per quarter, but as long as I finish at least one past project, I will feel accomplished.

New Inspirations on the Daily

Wow, as I near the end of this year’s Birthday Resolution, the number of inspirations I have left to write are dwindling and yet my list of inspirations keeps growing. As you know, I put many of my lifetime inspirations into a hat so that I could draw one at random everyday and write a letter of gratitude to it. Because I get new inspirations everyday, I made sure to make “random inspiration of the day” an option of drawing several times throughout the year. I’ve decided to share one of these letters with you all today because the inspiration, Lori Dunn, is one of my fave bloggers! This is how I format them when posting them on social media. 




October 31, 2019


Dear Raising My Rainbow and its author Lori Duron and her Family, 

For my 35th Birthday Resolution, I am challenging myself to writing a letter every day this year to a different person, place or thing that has inspired me throughout my lifetime. Every inspiration, no matter how big or small, has been thrown into a hat, and each day I will draw one at random. Today I have drawn you!

OMG! I’m totes excited to have drawn your name today! I know how much this day means to CJ! It’s my fave holiday! You are so brave for sharing your story. And you did it to help others who have a gender creative child. You are a talented, humorous and endearing writer. It’s clear that you respect your family’s privacy and love them very much. You fight for the rights of your children at their schools and for the rights of future children at those schools. You help people understand a different perspective. Your blog and book were an amazing tool and resource for my project Cleaning Closets®. And your family is so strong. It took me a long time to find myself and my voice, and I applaud you for helping each other do that everyday.  You are encouraging and loving and that shows. And you’re adamant about learning and growing and teaching. Thank you for all that you do to help others!


With Audacious Admiration,



Inspiring My Inspirations

I have been enjoying writing my letters to my inspirations this year. We are now about two months away from my next birthday, which means a new Birthday Resolution must be figured out. I believe it’s also going to involve writing, but I will make that decision closer to December. As for right now, I’m going to keep focusing on my letters. It’s so funny how so many of the people I write my letters to tell memy timing is perfect when I post them because they were feeling low and my words lifted them up! I’m so glad I can offer inspiration and love to so many of the folx that have done that for me over the years!

So Hard To Choose

So I am getting closer to the end of the year and it’s obvi getting more difficult to draw a random number that hasn’t already been renumbering the inspirations that still remain, but there are logistical reasons I chose not to do that.  So now I simply move to the next available sequential number if I electronically draw a number that has previously been picked. A few folx also asked me early on if I had an inspiration for every day. I do. In fact, I have many more, and that list continues to grow everyday so it saddens me that I won’t be able to write a letter to every inspiration. But just know if you’ve come into my life, you have inspired me. So this post is for you. I am so glad I chose this Birthday Resolution for myself as it’s allowed me to really look inside myself and also look back at the influences who have made me the person I am today at 35. Wow. It’s been a long road. Thank you for taking this journey with me. 

Grateful Reflection

I have to admit that as the year goes by and more responsibilities and opportunities fall on my plate, it gets harder to keep up with my letters. However, I still love when I get the chance to sit down and focus on them because they remind me of where I come from and who/what has gotten me to this place in life and has dropped these opportunities in my lap. I still try to write the letters each morning on the train but some days I’m getting things together for my day or decompressing on my morning commute or writing about a lovah in my journal.

Reflective Star

Even when I get behind, though, I’m glad I challenged myself with this Birthday Resolution and grateful to for the reflection.